Jan 8 2013 –  CES Tuesday – Many articles are being written about 3D during this CES. Half have been about 3D 4K displays and the other half have been about  the death of 3D one title is”It’s official: 3D is dead” from Verge,  a lot of “Where did all the 3D go?”

3D is still very much here, has become well engrained and the hardware is taking over real estate daily with 3D TVs. Glasses free 3D is better and it is growing quickly globally. We have now reached the quiet before the storm, we have already won the war and we are sitting atop the precipice of global 3D adoption as all devices are an LCD and APK away from being 3D. Capture devices are improving, prices are coming down, broadcast is preparing, graphics engines are a switch away…

This CES for the 3D industry  is about 3D format, high resolution displays and a camera or two. Its about making touch, gesture and user interfaces, its about connectivity, cloud hosting (Ultraviolet) and it is still about 2D to 3D conversion for games and video (DDD and emotion3D and Fraunhofer are favorites of mine).

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