stereoscopic 1024x384 3D36D

3D Film Connection, provider for full 360-Degree animation, graphics and videos is produced for auto stereoscopic Naked Eye 3D or for use with glasses. It is designed for devices and displays providing a full 360-Degree visual point of interest of any object, graphic, entity or body. Recent advancements of 3D auto stereoscopic displays have made it possible for companies to represent their products, clothing, athletic exercises, military and engineering parts and maps, much like the holograms seen in Sci-Fi films. These representations and display methods will provide unequivocal benefit to both its end users and content creators. The corporate 3D animation provided by 3D36D is unparalleled in its viewer exposure, interest, and brand retention for your potential audience. A move to the future of 3D is a move to full 360-Degree 3D solutions.

The ability to view from all angles is a result of literally Three Hundred and Sixty directions in which the image is seen in perfect naked eye 3D. We provide 3D animation, graphic, and video services to address the increase in demand for 360-degree seemingly holographic display content.

Currently extending an offer and challenge to electronics companies interested in progressing into the 3D industry with progressive designs for a commercially available and viable 3D 360- Degree photography instrument. This technology will be utilized in still frame and video capture for complete inclusion. Family scenes, product display and convention promotion in such a way as never before seen. Also product interaction at unprecedented levels expanding the photography industry to new dimensions.