3D Filming

 3D Filming 3DFC has made it a focus to be leaders in the creation of massive archives of Native 3D stereoscopic footage and photographs. Our extensive library of stereo digital content is filled with the tools necessary to make any and all projects a reality whether it requires landscapes, people, abstract, sport, or family. Keeping ultra high definition as a standard, our library is mostly 4K and 2K but can be scaled down to fit any project. Some of our footage is available on our stock stereo digital footage and photography website www.iStockNative3D.com

Contemporary filmmakers are mixing capture mediums, resolutions, 3D stereoscopic natively shot footage with 2D converted to 3D, and experimenting with various editing and display options. There are many issues that arise due to these facts. We have an entire department focused on artifact removal and concealment technology so that the very best stereoscopic experience will be delivered.