2D to 3D Conversion

Teaser 10 2D to 3D Conversion

3D Film Connection is your local Turnkey Hollywood 3D Media Development Studio. Our team provides 2D to 3D content conversion services at premium qualities for compliant hardware integration of both 3D stereo (with 3D glasses) and auto-stereo (without 3D glasses) technology. As content creators, it is our focus to develop, produce, and bring awe to the movie going experience.

Benefits of 2D to 3D conversion versus native 3D camera filming

Retroactive application turning older 2D movies into 3D movies
Much less expensive to Convert than to Film in 3D
High Profitability 3D films bring in proportionally larger profits
Cinematographers, Editors, Producers, Choreographers and Directors prefer to shoot in 2D
More freedom is given to directors to choose how their film is viewed and experienced

We can take anything that is 2D and turn it into full 3D by creating variable layers of depth in any shot. This gives the stereoscopic illusion of a 3-dimensional video shot. Your audience won’t know whether the movie/film/commercial was shot with a 3D camera or whether it went through the conversion process. The precision of our conversion techniques are unmatched by other firms boasting 3D conversion. Our 3D authors are some of the best in the world, hand picked by a team of 3-dimensional critics.