3D Animation Creation

artwork cg 3d animation 3D Animation CreationWe are pleased to offer our customers a 3D animation service that can encompass a wide range of affordable animation projects including short 3D movies, video ads, commercials and video/website enhancements.

Animations are a sophisticated means to captivate the attention of your target audience. They can enhance and improve visual content for tools such as video, websites and advertisements.

The recent runaway success of 2D and 3D animated films shows that the next few years will be filled with this exciting innovation. Our animations can range from a simple representation for web application to complex 3D for feature films. Our team is tried and true, proven and pure, animation is our passion and the cinema is our playground.

We use all Three popular ways to represent a model:

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 Polygonal Modeling  Curve Modeling  Digital Sculpting

Polygonal modeling – Vertices – points in 3D space, connected by line segments form what is known as polygonal mesh. Most 3D models are built in this manner due to flexibility and rendering speed.

Curve modeling – Control points influence curves creating surfaces using weighted points. Multiple curve points and types are used to pull curves. These types include splines, patches, geometric primitives and nonuniform rational B-Splines (NURBS).

Digital sculpting – 3D sculpting has become a very popular method of modeling. 3 types of sculpting are used. Most commonly used is the method of displacement wherein vertex positions on a 32 bit stores the adjustable positions. Using Volumetric digital sculpting based on Voxels giving capabilities of stretching when there are few polygons in a region without creating a deformation. Dynamic tesselation is used similarly to Voxel however it divides surfaces using triangulation while maintaining smooth surfaces allowing finer details. The new mesh provides high resolution that may be transferred into normal data for 3D games.