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SD NEWS ALERT- Olympics in Glasses free 3D at Tilted Kilt Mission Valley for limited time

Tilted Kilt press release SD NEWS ALERT  Olympics in Glasses free 3D at Tilted Kilt Mission Valley for limited time

“The San Diego Mission Valley Tilted Kilt was chosen as one of only 7 locations worldwide to show the Olympics in glasses free 3D thanks to local 3D Ad Net.”

San Diego, CA 3D AD NET and Tilted Kilt today announced a temporary installation of a Ultra D glasses free 3D display to view the Olympics and ESPN 3D live! This installation is one of only a few worldwide to test reactions to glasses free 3D sports in San Diego.

The Displays will be showing the 3D Olympics live, ESPN 3D, and other entertainment in glasses free eye 3D, just like looking out a window.

3D AD NET, founded in June 2011 by David Briggs and Nick Spriggs to take advantage of the significant developments in autosteroscopic 3D (glasses free) will be using this  opportunity to utilize the proven benefits of 3D displays for superior entertainment purposes. 3D AD NET will be using specialized hardware and software developed specifically to gain access to viewer metrics such as View count, Viewer Demographic information, Viewer Uniqueness, Dwell time and Interest level while maintaining absolute anonymity for viewers. Nielsen Surveys does this for Television, Google has solved this problem for the internet, and now 3D AD NET Using special hardware and software is able to provide real time metrics for place based digital advertising and displays.

“We are very pleased about this new installation,” said David Briggs, CEO of 3D Ad Net,  “The owners of Tilted Kilt are great guys for letting us test the glasses free 3D displays in their venue,” continued Mr. Briggs, “both of our companies are extremely excited to be providing such a unique Olympic experience to the patrons” Mr. Briggs finished in saying, “although this is a temporary installation for trial, we hope to have these glasses free 3D displays installed in all sports bars in the coming years as the viewing experience is trifold!”

“San Diego’s Tilted Kilt serves as home base for San Diego Sports fans looking to fill up on brew and pub grub before heading into the ballpark, they provide shuttles to the games and their food is delicious. Try the BBQ Pork sandwich!”

“Six 12-foot projection TVs and tons of flatscreens keep the crowd occupied, but the staff’s attire reigns as the main attraction. Guys wear black kilts and matching arse-kicker boots. Girls wear red plaid minikilts, kneesocks and teeny tiny white tie-tops, a look that splices Alicia Silverstone a la “Clueless” with the standard Japanese school girl fantasy. Who knew Hooters had a distant cousin from the British Isles?”

“Pool, shuffleboard and dart boards lend to the sports bar feel, and bric-a-brac worthy of the prime minister’s rumpus room fills the lime walls: constable hats, knight helmets, blown-up postcard shots of Windsor Castle. Of the 24 beers on tap are the standard star brews: Harp, Bass, Guinness, Stella Artois, Blue Moon, as well as the Tilted Kilt’s own brand of wheat ale.”

If you are able, be sure to check out the glasses free 3D TV in person. This 3D is IMPOSSIBLE to capture on camera it can only be seen by two eyes and in person. For interest in Tablets please contact 3D AD NET and be sure to tell your Tilted Kilt girls what you think of the display.