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Do 3D Movies Actually Enhance Movie Enjoyment?

pirates 4 banner 1024x341 Do 3D Movies Actually Enhance Movie Enjoyment?

3D televisions are great. But are they making 3D movies and TV shows merely because the technology is there or because it improves the viewing pleasure of the audience and enhances the storytelling ability of the film makers? There is no reason to make or convert everything into 3D just because you’ll be able to do it.

3D is an awesome technology and the 3D technology of today is much better than it has ever been in the past. I don’t even get a headache when I use the glasses at the theater anymore, however does that mean it really needs to be seen in 3D.

Many people love the technology and will want to see everything using the technology. Many people think that it should be used for special projects that really could benefit from the use of the technology. The problem is that 3D can make a really good movie great if it is used correctly and it can make a very bad movie fool you into thinking that it’s worth watching because it is in 3D.

3D is also very expensive. The movies are expensive enough, but needing to invest in a new TV in order to take advantage of the technology in the most high tech form may perhaps be over the top for most people. Obviously, there are those who must have the most advanced and up to date tech toys and purchasing a new TV in 3D is just the excuse they will need to upgrade everything that they own. For those of us that aren’t made out of money and have to pick and choose where to best spend our entertainment budget, the choice isn’t so obvious.

Is 3D proper for you and your family? It is a question that the manufacturers and movie studios want you to answer yes. Certainly it looks cool, but are you really going to take advantage of all of its capabilities or will the 3D TV simply turn into an expensive upgraded 2D television? Are you going to purchase the television channels now available in 3D? Are you going to upgrade your Blu-ray player to 3D? Are you going to sit in front of your TV with those big silly glasses to look at your favorite shows and sporting events? Many people will answer yes, yet for some people it isn’t worth the trouble or expense.