CES 2013 Wednesday Update

CES Wed 2013 CES 2013 Wednesday Update

Jan 9 – CES Wednesday – VEFXI is looking great, some fantastic new offerings and the same great ones from before (3D Bee Diamond). They had 4 glasses free 3D tvs (Exceptional 3D, Dimenco, and 2 Sanyang 8 or 9 view displays), There were a few couches with real time conversion of first person shooting games and a movie, 3 3d tvs on the other side branded VEFXI with the conversion technology built in at very nice price points. There was a new 2D to 3D semi manual conversion software available I am very interested to try!

The Sanyang glasses free 3D displays were focused on Digital Advertising and had some very nice advertising pieces with a few large brands. They offer both hardware and content assistance and have attractive prices and a very nice lenticular screen (nothing new).

Stream TV has some gorgeous displays with fantastic content. I cant wait to see how they grow!

Signing out for Wednesday, back on Thursday.