CES 2012 – the year of 3D

 CES 2012   the year of 3D

With CES International 2012 Las Vegas less than a week away, we at 3D Film Connection feel
like a child on Christmas Eve with excitement and anticipation. This year over 400,000 people
plan to migrate to the city of sin once again, and it is our goal to meet and touch bellies with
as many individuals in the 3D Industry as humanly possible.

As we all know, 3D is worldwide and has grown especially prominent overseas. It is a rare
occurrence to have such a great amount of companies within our industry all in the same location
for more than one day. If you or your team/company are interested in a meeting or a brief meet
up/introduction next week at CES International 2012, please contact my team as soon as possible
via phone or email as time is limited while we are there and we don’t want to miss any of you.

Our Team will be arriving in Las Vegas Tuesday January 9th for some pre-CES meetings and
introductions, as once CES officially kicks off, we all know how hectic and difficult it can be to
see everything and meet everyone you desire.

3D Film Connection offers a plethora of 3D services, but for CES 2012, our primary focus will
be Auto-stereoscopic 3D/ 3D Digital Signage, 2D to 3D conversion, Animation/CGI creation and
3D App/Website development.

AS-3D/ 3D-Digital Signage

Over the past few months, 3DFC has dedicated a great amount of time and effort towards the
inevitable advancement of AS-3D technology. We have met with many AS-3D hardware
providers and have readied our team to design and implement 3D Digital Signage POS displays
and networks across the globe.

2D to 3D Conversion

One of our primary goals at CES 2012 is to educate the film and entertainment industry about
the advantages and effectiveness provided with 3D Film Connection’s 2D to 3D Conversion
services. Wether it be for the film/television industry or for the latest 3D tablets and phones,
our team is ready to provide you with our 2D to 3D conversion capabilities to create content
available for display across any multimedia device.

3D Animation Creation and App/Website Development

Overseas and only recently in the states, the current trend for new phones and tablets hitting
the market has been 3D displays. These tend to be astonishingly effective cell phones for
single person glasses-free 3D screens along with dual-lens digital cameras that enable you
to photograph 3D photographs and video clip in 3D using stereo techniques of a side by
side capture. Three dimensional illustrations or photos have the ability to give website page
models a variety of three dimensional illusions, which can be effective tools pertaining to
managing awareness. Utilizing 3D graphics within website development may also may provide
substantial benefit all around for web page file size of HTML 5 stereoscopic techniques. 3D Film

Connection is poised and ready to deliver these powerful 3D Stereoscopic graphics and content
for the ever expanding list of appropriate and cost worthy uses.

We cannot wait for CES 2012 to arrive, but more importantly, we are very excited to introduce
ourselves and have the chance to meet as many of you fine people in the 3D industry that we
can. Hope to hear from you all soon, and we can’t wait to meet you in person next week.

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