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3D Computer Graphics And How To Make Them

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There are a number of ways to generate or make 3D computer graphics. Before we discuss how to make 3D computer graphics let us consider what they are and their beginnings. 3D animation has been around since the beginning of motion pictures. They were first used in the early films as “King Kong” and even earlier films such as The Humpty Dumpty Circus (1897). The movie King Kong (1933) is distinguished for its stop-motion animation. This is a form of 3D animation. When creating this type of animation the objects or characters that appear in the motion picture are moved in small increments. Each increment is photographed. each increment represents a frame in the film, and when played in a continuous sequence the illusion of motion is achieved. Clay figures were often used in this early 3D animation technique. This was often called “clay-mation”.

3D Computer graphics like any 3D animation, gives the illusion that characters are in a three 3D world, which is how we view our world. They look like they are in a space which includes length, width and depth. When being generated by a computer program, geometric data is used to produce the effect of three dimensions. Of course earlier 3D animation such as stop-motion, did not use computers to produce this effect. They relied on the clay figures to produce the 3D effect.

Today animators use 3D computer animation software to produce many of the special effects we see in movies. In fact there are many movies that have been produced they have been completely generated by various computer animation programs. One such example is the film “Ice Age”. This was a highly successful film and was released in 2002 by 20th Century Fox.

3D computer graphics are created by using 3D animation software. This is how these graphics are created in today’s world. There are many software packages to choose from. There are many commercial packages available, as well as free packages you can use. Each of these software packages will offer their our unique features and many will have common features found in other packages. If you are interested in creating 3D animation there are many ways to start. If you are new to the animation process it is recommended you begin with a program that is easy to learn and can generate basic, but high-end graphics. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create high-end 3D animation. You just need to get access to the software that is affordable and can produce the results you are looking for.