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“Sports 1 Marketing is a sports and entertainment marketing firm that maximizes the value of its clients by cultivating unique and lucrative business opportunities for corporate brands, elite athletes and our strategic partners.”

San Diego, CA – 3D AD NET and Sports 1 Marketing today announced their strategic alliance to bring glasses free 3D capabilities to sports advertising using advanced auto-stereoscopic 3D. Sports 1 Marketing championed by Warren Moon, an exceptional competitor, mentor and humanitarian is leading sports into the world of 3D advertising. Since the 2000 NFL season. Warren has strongly established himself within the sports business world. With 10 years of experience as a partner at Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, Warren went on to begin Sports 1 Marketing in 2010 with CEO David Meltzer.
Now with Sports 1 Marketing involvement in 3D advertising and entertainment, Warren’ s lasting image and reputation have the ability to be launched and attached to a great multitude of success and growth. Sports 1 Marketing’s commitment to excellence and creating benefits for all, match up ideally with the Hall of Fame Quarterback’ s basic principles and 3D AD NET’s dedication to amazing 3D advertisements that breaks through the clutter of everyday advertisers by standing out as being new and amazing.

“We’re very excited about this new strategic alliance and having our 3D displays as the premiere choice for Sports 1 Marketing,” said David Briggs, Founder of 3D AD NET. “We’ve worked tirelessly to bring glasses free 3D to the marketplace using eye-popping 3D content that stops people dead in their tracks and this alliance will be greatly beneficial,” continued Mr. Briggs, “so with this alliance, we will continue to gain visibility as we deliver more well-rounded, and complete, glasses-free 3D experiences.” Mr. Briggs finished by saying, “Being the only company  that offers the glasses free 3D services does not make us the best, it is our dedication to staying ahead of the curve and making everything turnkey with included benefit tracking.”

3D AD NET, a subsidiary of 3D Film Connection, founded in June 2011 by David Briggs and Nick Spriggs to take advantage of the significant developments in autosteroscopic 3D (i.e. glasses free) technology. The opportunity to utilize the proven benefits of 3D displays for superior attention, retention and consumer action prompted the creation of the design and intellectual property our service is based on. 3D AD NET™ uses specialized hardware and software developed specifically for them to gain access to viewer metrics such as View count, Viewer Demographic information, Viewer Uniqueness, Dwell time and Interest level. Nielsen Surveys does this for Television, Google has solved this problem for the internet, and now 3D AD NET Using eye tracking hardware and software is able to provide real time metrics for place based digital advertising.

“We are very pleased about this new relationship,” said David Meltzer, CEO of Spots 1 Marketing, “I’ve been watching this technology for years but we are only now reaching chasm,” continued Mr. Metlzer, “both of our teams are extremely knowledgeable and that has made it very easy to work together” Mr. Meltzer finished in saying, “our service pairing offers a complete and cost-effective glasses free 3D advertising solution which any establishment owner or Brand can feel very good about with regards to enhancing their customer experience.”

The Sports 1 Marketing and 3D AD NET alliance is based on synergistic business opportunities within lifestyle branding, channel partnerships, national brand advertising, sports marketing and significant long term relationships with fortune 500 companies. There is now an installed glasses free 3D display in the Sports 1 Marketing headquarters in Irvine, CA.


Sports 1 Marketing Office:
2 Venture
Suite 140
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 336-6380

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